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POF Users from all around the world have sent is questions from our contact page so we decided to make a page dedicated to the most frequently asked questions about plentyoffish online dating.

How Can I Tell If A POF AccountIs Hidden?

Plentyoffish hides accounts/profiles from search results and the online now section of the website. So if you have direct access to a profile such as from a link in a POF email conversation, you will still be able to communicate and access that user. To see if a users profile is hidden, simply use the search utility to see if their profile shows up. Unlike facebook where profiles are deactivated and you can no longer communicate with the user or see their profile, POF only hides the profile from search results.

If Plentyoffish Is Free, Why Do They Have An Upgrade Option?

POF is free to browse members and send them emails and chat messages, the upgrade simply has a handful of meaningless benefits such as your image will show a fraction larger in emails and you can see who read your messages. Little perks like that which most normal users have no need for. You also get a badge on your profile saying you are an upgraded member. This is of no use to the user, but more of a upgrade pitch for POF to try to sell you on the upgraded member status.

Can I have multiple POF accounts?

Yes and No. It is against their terms of service to have multiple accounts but it is possible to do. We do not recommend this because if they catch you, then both accounts will be deleted.

How Do I Delete My POF Account?

See this page here, delete POF. This will give you full detailed instructions on how to delete your plentyoffish account. Once you choose to delete your account this decision is final. You will have to create a new POF login if you wish to use the site again.

Are There Married People On POF?

Of course, in fact when you register one of the relationship status options asked if you are married. Just like anything in life, you are going to find plenty of people who are not truthful about their profile or intentions.

If I Delete POF, Will My Messages Still Be Sent To My Senders?

Yes, but the link to your profile will be gone since your profile will no longer exist. The content of the email will still be there.

Can I Search For Members On POF In Other Countries?

Yes, use the advanced search feature in POF search. Here you will be able to create a search filter to target your location of where you want to search. You can even search by postal code in regions such as POF UK.

Why Do My Images Keep Getting Deleted?

According to POF, you have to upload images that stay within their guidelines. No nudity, real photos and face shots for a main photo. if you are within these guidelines, try re-uploading your picture.

How Do I Send Someone A POF IM?

First the user must be online. If you want to use the POF IM see the page we just linked.

Help! I Can Not Login To Plenty Of Fish!

It might be possible that POF is down. In most cases this is resolved in a few minutes so try back later.

What Are The Green Circles On Plenty Of Fish And What Do They Mean?

The green circles on POF are indicators of when a user is online. These are users you previously spoke with. The green circle indicators usually appear in your Plenty Of Fish inbox.


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