POF Meet Me

One of the awesome features on the Plenty Of Fish free dating site is the POF Meet Me. It is different from the POF search in that this feature shows you completely random members in your local area. You can use the Meet Me feature to interact with other members and let them know your interested as well as find out who might be interested in you. Meet Me on PlentyOfFish is a bit like the flirt options on other dating sites. If you want to flirt with someone without actually sending them an email first to see if you get a response then you might want to try using Meet Me.

To get started using Meet Me, first use your POF login and sign in to your account. In the main menu look for the button that says Meet Me.

meet me button on plenty of fish

After you are on the Meet Me page or in the section of the POF app you will first see a random member with 3 options on pof.com and only 2 options on the app. These options on pof.com are yes, no and maybe. Yes lets the user know that you are interested in meeting them. No does not notify them but they will no longer show up in your Meet Me results. Maybe will add them into users you want to meet and will be left as an option later in case you change your mind.

There is a quick synopsis of every PlentyOfFish profile that appears in your Meet Me results. This gives you the option to check them out in more detail by clicking the view profile link found under the pictures. That way you can make a better decision on if you really want to try and meet them or not.

yes, no and maybe for people you might want to meet

There are 3 other sections in Meet Me you need to be aware of and how they work for best results.

Users who want to meet you

Users who want to meet you are only available to upgraded members. if you have an upgraded account you can see who wants to meet you without having to have a mutual meet me.

Users you want to meet

This is a list of users who you want to meet. They are saved in this list in case you wish to make further contact with them and see if there is a potential for a date.

Mutual MeetMe

Mutual Meet Me displays a list of users who you have expressed interest in using the yes button and they have returned the interest. You can view this section even if you are not an upgraded member. If you find someone you like and they like you then there is a greater possibility for a connection to take place. Mutual Meet Me helps streamline the dating process, enabling you to meet people almost instantly.

Using Meet Me on the POF app

On the POF app you can perform the same functions in Meet Me as you can on pof.com but instead of the yes or no buttons you will find a green check mark and a red x. The green check represents yes and the red x represents no. You can tap these to make your selection or you can swipe to the left or the right. On the mobile app you need to be a bit more certain as there is not a maybe option as there is on pof.com. You have the ability to view the members profile in meetme as well as their photos by tapping on the icon that looks like a person right in between the yes and no selections.


There are 2 benefits of an upgraded membership when using Meet Me. The first is you will show up at the top of the list when other members are using Meet Me. The 2nd benefit is that you can utilize the ‘Users who want to meet you’ utility. This is helpful in the event that you might catch a members profiles who could be a match that somehow was overlooked previously.

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