When using the POF IM or plenty of fish instant messenger you need to make sure your computer matches the requirements needed to run the application efficiently. The instant messenger POF uses is flash based, so you will have to go to adobe.com and download flash if the POF IM is not working properly. Most modern browsers are already set up to run flash, but just in case and if you have troubles, to save you a lot of time in most cases that is what the issue is. Also remember to have pop up blockers disabled since POF chat uses a separate window to hold conversations.

When you enter your POF login information, you are taken to a default screen that shows a list of users in your local area. You can also access this by clicking the online now link at the top of the screen. This will display a random list of users online, if the user has turned on their chat and are available to use the pof IM, a green “Chat” label will be under their picture. You can click this control to start chatting with the user. The user will either accept or decline the message, if they happen to not be at their computer when the chat request comes in then it will simply time out after a few minutes. On this same screen, you will also notice some of the online users have the words in green “Online Now” under their photo. This simply means they have chosen not to turn on their im chat.

Another way to chat with users on POF IM is to go to your inbox, at the top of your inbox you will find users who you have spoken with before and who are online and available to talk. There will be a small green circle next to their name which you can click and it will once again open the chat window. Plentyoffish conversations are grouped together, so there will not be a separate window per each conversation which is kind of nice because it saves some ram for your computer and the headache of sorting through multiple windows. Conversations are private and only between you and the user on the other end, even if you are running multiple conversations with multiple at the same time.
pof im example
While their chat is not the best around, it is overall a decent im chat. It is free, so no need to complain right! Instant chat is a great way to get to know someone, or at least see if conversation flows between the two of you before you take the next step and contact them by phone. Almost all sites use IM to allow members to communicate with one another.

As with all online dating adventures, when you are using pof chat you must be aware of your safety. Never give out any credit card information, personal info such as your address or full name. Only do these sort of behaviors when you feel comfortable with someone and feel as you know them. A lot of dating scams are performed through pof IM and other instant messenger services. Use common sense, you would not walk out of your house and start giving personal info to a complete stranger, so do not do it for a complete stranger on instant messenger.

POF Chat Not Working?

Sometimes communications do not go so well. If your POF chat is not working and you can not use pof IM to speak with others, there could be a few potential things to consider. Are you trying to use POF chat on a computer or a mobile device? If you are using your computer there is a strong possibility POF chat is not working due to your browser. We recommend using Firefox, it seems to be the most stable browser we have tested so far and is available for Windows or Macintosh. Since POF is a web based system, it depends 100% on your browser and browser settings. Updating to the latest version of Firefox should correct the issue. If pof chat is still not working at this point, it simply could be something to due with the website it’s self. If this is the case, be patient and the condition should resolve shortly. If you are on a mobile device, it most likely is the cause of the app it’s self and there is not a whole lot you can do, although some people have reported reinstalling the pof app has helped. You must have a pof login in order to use the pof IM. If you delete pof you will no longer be able to use the pof chat.

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