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POF Video – How To Improve Your Dating Profile

In case you did not know, online dating can be a bit different for men than it can be for women. Most men do not read profiles unless they are really interested where as women tend to actually read dating profiles. Plenty of fish decided that they needed to make a video for men on how to improve their dating profile in one of their dating videos. Overall there actually are some good tips in this video but this is nothing more than a reflection of real life if you think about it. Be honest, be yourself, portray a real image of who you are and have fun. The truth comes out eventually. The reason why a lot of men lie on a dating site such as Plenty Of Fish is that some are only looking for one thing, that thing is, well you guessed it.

The video goes into detail about how you should place yourself in your images. I say be who you are in your images and attract someone who likes the way you are. They mentioned things like wearing your hat sideways and even throwing gang signs. Well, if you want to attract a woman who loves a man in a sideways hat and throws gang signs, then be who you are. Side note, you will probably steer most women away doing these things. While not impressed with their little stab at Facebook, even on their blog they have mentioned Facebook a couple times. It’s probably common knowledge that if Facebook integrated some sort of real dating system into their model they would eat plenty of fish for lunch, but from a logical standpoint there would be no need for them to do this.

Enough discussing the video, how about you watch it for your self guys. You can watch it here or use your POF login to see it. It might give you a few tips and pointers you have not thought about or overlooked. So before you think about Delete POF, check below for the POF dating video.

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