POF deleted messages showing a trashcan

Deleted Messages From POF Inbox

A common issue POF users have on PlentyOfFish that can be found on numerous dating forums is that their email messages seem to randomly disappear. Sometimes previous conversations in an email thread seem to vanish. Do not worry, the rest of your messages are still there, just hidden. Previous conversations within a message are hidden so the user does not have to scroll forever to figure out where they left off.

To recover previous content in an email on POF simply go to the email section. Select the email you were reading and at the bottom of the page look for the link that says “View More Messages”. See the photo below:

POF inbox settings

This will be at the very bottom where you go to enter a reply to the sender. The term view more messages is somewhat confusing to some users. It can imply you would be clicking the link to view other messages in your POF inbox. The view other messages link will bring up past conversations you were involved in with that user. As you can see you are also given access to block the user or download the POF app right there in your POF Inbox if you choose to. There are a number of things you can do in your POF account, some are just not as obvious as others.

How To Retrieve Deleted Messages On POF

Unfortunately, once you delete messages there is no way to recover them. So before you delete messages from your inbox, make sure this is a message you will no longer need.

Does Plenty Of Fish Delete Old Messages?

In short answer, yes. After 30 days POF inbox messages that are old and not being used will be removed. Inbox email messages are also removed if the user you are corresponding with has deleted their profile. Source: http://www.pof.com/HelpCenter/helpcenter_inbox.aspx


While these are the most common and obvious reasons for deleted messages on POF, they may not be the only reasons. Always make sure the computer you access your inbox from is safe and no one else has access to it. While uncommon, it is possible that someone could get into your messages and delete them.

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