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POF Account Password

Your POF account password is the most vital component to accessing your online dating membership. What happens if you forgot your password? You can reset it is seconds. When you go to sign in and your sign in does not work a link will be displayed that says ‘Forgot Password’. All you have to do is click that link and enter your email address. Plenty Of Fish will resend your information. It is always a good idea to use something that is hard to guess and is a combination of letters, numbers and characters. Use both upper and lower case. This will prevent prying eyes peering in to your dating life.

Try to memorize your Plenty of Fish password if you can. Do not use a password that you use with anything else online. This does not only apply to POF but in general everything. If someone gets a hold of one password then they have access to everything if you use the same one over and over. So to be on the safe side try to use something different for each thing you have to login to. If not it could possibly spell disaster in the future.

Other POF Account Password Issues

When you sign up for Plenty Of Fish, they require you to create a pof account password with your POF login. Sometimes you will be redirected to a screen where it says your password is not strong enough. This usually means 1 of 2 things. Either your password really is not strong enough, in which case you need to reenter a new POF password associated with your account. The other thing this could mean is that your ip address or something you are doing has triggered a temporary block. If you reenter a new POF password and still keep getting the error message that your password is not strong enough, here is what you need to do.

1. Get a new IP Address, this can be done by resetting your DSL modem or Cable modem. Usually unplugging it and plugging it back in will issue you a new ip. This really depends on your service.

2. After your router reboots, then clean out the cookies in your browser. If you do not know how to remove cookies/LSOs download a program called cccleaner, this will do it for you and it is free.

3. Sign up again using an email address you have never used on POF before, also use a new POF login.

After you follow these 3 steps, if done right you should be able to create a new POF account.

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