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Plenty Of Fish Profile Tips

Your Plenty Of Fish profile is going to be the most important part of your online dating adventure so you might want to put a little bit of effort in to it. Creating a POF login that gets positive attention can be hard to get the hang of. You’ll make mistakes and get very few responses or get attention you weren’t looking for. If either of these things are still happening to you, you might be making some of the following mistakes on your Plenty Of Fish profile. Not to worry though, you can brush up your Plenty Of Fish dating profile with just a few simple steps. Below is a list of some of the most common mistakes people make as well as some Plenty Of Fish profile tips.

You List Things You Do Not Want In Your POF Profile

If you list all of the things you aren’t looking for in a man or woman, you come off negative and picky. It’s good to have ideal traits that you look for in a person, but it’s better to focus on those rather than what you’re not looking for. When you list what you don’t want, you leave people wondering what you really want. If you are looking for someone who is active, don’t say that you don’t want a lazy person. Instead, say that you want someone who also enjoys going for weekend hikes and running 5K races.

You Don’t Answer Profile Questions

Profile questions are there for a very good reason. Your answers help people get to know you a little before they contact you to find out more. If you’re not answering questions, you’re probably not getting as many responses as you’d like. Your profile is the first impression that people have of you when online dating. You want to let people know what you’re about. No one has the time to send everyone a message and ask them the questions that should have been answered in the profile.

You Post Photos That Do Not Flatter You

There are a few photo mistakes you might be making on your online dating profile. One mistake you might be making is that you wear too much or too little clothing. You don’t want to post a photo of yourself from your ski trip when you’re all bundled up and barely recognizable. You might post this photo because you want people to know you ski, but you can say that in your profile. A photo that shows too much skin, especially in a sexual way, is also not a great idea. Wearing a swimsuit or sun dress that shows off your figure is not bad. Posting a photo in a thong might not be the smartest choice. Whether you’re a man or woman, you want to make sure your hair is done nicely and you’re wearing a flattering outfit.

You Lie

It doesn’t matter how small or large the lie you tell is. A lie is a lie. Don’t say you’re 6’2″ when you’re really 5’7″ or 5’5″ when you are 5’10”. The small difference might not seem like much or even matter to people you meet, but being lied to always upsets people. Once you’re caught in a lie it’s hard to come back from that and you may miss out on a relationship with a great person for lies that don’t matter. Don’t post photos of yourself from two years ago when you weighed a little less and your hair was longer and shinier. The best policy is to be you and find someone who accepts you for being you!


We all have our gripes. There is no getting around it. A dating profile is not the place to use as a sound board for all of the things in life that you do not like. A lot of people are turned off by complainers.

How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile

Try using the POF search and see what others are writing about. After a bit of trial and error you will get the hang of creating an online dating profile. Taking the time to create a better profile will increase your chances of online dating success! There is no right or wrong way to write a good online dating profile. The most important part is to be honest, positive and to be you. Proper spelling an punctuation are good things to include. If you have trouble with this most modern web browsers take care of it for you. Include recent photos. Not one from 10 years ago when you were a bit thinner, had more hair or a few less wrinkles. The best tip for writing a great Plenty Of Fish profile is to have fun!

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