Plenty Of Fish Email

With the recent changes a few people have been complaining about the latest Plenty Of Fish email system. While the threaded conversation view is great, searching and sorting through emails is a hassle. The old system had pagination links at the bottom of your inbox so you could page through the next results based on a page number. So for example lets say you had 100 messages, there might be links at the bottom that looked like 1 2 3 4, all were click-able and could take you to the range of emails you were looking for. The new system simple says next page. This is good if you only have 2 pages of emails, but some of you (especially the ladies) have 60 to 70 pages of emails which if you are looking for an email from a few days ago, you have a lot of clicking to do. Not much fun.

When it comes to online dating emails, having the ability to easily sort and filter through them is a huge benefit to the user. Match does a great job of this in their email system. They do not remove emails either, which Plenty Of Fish does. People often mention POF inbox messages disappearing, well this is the reason why. Removing inbox messages saves on database space. Odds are though if you have not responded back to someone within a few days of site use, most likely you are not that interested anyways so all in all it really does not matter and I understand why POF has their system set up this way. So you might notice some changes now in your POF inbox. You should be able to manage your inbox better. Hopefully this helps in your quest to find love or a relationship.

With the recent purchase from Match, The Plenty Of Fish email system will most likely adapt and get better over time. After all, you can not communicate with anyone without your inbox.


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