Meetme on Plenty Of Fish is a way for you to meet singles online with just a simple mouse click. It works different than the POF search as the results are completely random. A lot of dating sites use a similar meetme type system but the one on POF works a little different. First of all, you are displayed dating profiles in your local area based on the information you provided when you created your POF login. So these profiles in the meetme system will be local. What happens when you access meetme is people you might be interested in meeting show up on your screen or mobile device. There is a yes, no and maybe button at the bottom of every profile. If you select yes, the user is notified that you are interested in meeting them. If you click no or maybe, they are not sent a notification email and they will not be displayed again.

One of the advantages of meetme is you can express interest in someone you have yet to talk to. If they are interested in you, they might do the same. This saves a lot of time sending an email, but at the same time you need to keep in mind some people do not respond to meetme. If you find someone you are really interested in, click view profile at the bottom of the screen and send them an email also. If they reply, well great! If not, keep on searching. Your Mr or Miss right is out there somewhere.

The yes, no and maybe options are also available on the mobile app.


Using Meetme For Best Results

First of all, you will need to access meetme. Do so by signing in to your account. Once you are signed in, look for the button that says meetme at the top of the screen. This will be located right next to your POF inbox.

Meetme dating

This will give you access to meetme. Now that you are in there, a profile will appear. If you want to express interest and let the user know you are interested, select yes. If not, simply select no or maybe. Maybe will give you the option to change your mind later. If you select yes, you can also view these members in a list of users who you want to meet. Upgraded members can see who wants to meet them. All members can view mutual meetme. These are members who you are interested in and they are also interested in you.

Sometimes, if there are not more members available then you will have to check back later. The list is huge so this usually does not happen. If it does though, you can check back later for more profiles. One of the advantages to having an upgraded membership is your profile will get more views in this section. Meaning you are displayed to more users who might click yes on you. This is completely optional though. It is not a requirement to have dating success on Plenty Of Fish.

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