Serial Date

What exactly is a serial dater? Have you been on a serial date without even knowing it? Basically a serial dater is someone who their common functions other than eating and sleeping is dating different people online. These people have been doing it for years and have no intention of stopping. Multiple profiles on multiple different websites, meeting multiple men and women a few times per week. Unsure if it is the thrill of the chase, lack of morality or a bad case of the grass is greener syndrome, each serial dater has their own motives. Serial dating does nothing more than wastes the time of people looking for a real connection and is not fair, but serial daters are not just online, they are in real life too. Some people refer to them as players, as they play the game and most are pretty good at it. Here are a few tips to determine the red flags of a serial dater.

Signs Of A Serial Dater

Email responses are short and lack substance, when someone is interested in you they put effort into trying to find out more about you to see if you are compatible with them. If the person you are emailing on a dating website is putting forth little effort and seems “too busy” usually they are “too busy”. Serial dating takes a lot of time from a persons schedule.

Always checking their phone. This is a good sign that your serial date has other matters to attend to. Usually these matters are members of the opposite sex. Remember not to jump to conclusions, they could have kids they are checking up on, trading stocks or addicted to angry birds.

Multiple profiles on multiple dating websites. This sometimes can signal a serial dater, or someone who is really on the prowl for a serial date.

Having an online profile, for a really, really long time. If you tried online dating in the past, gave it up and started again a few years later. You may notice some of the same people are still searching. Either they have really bad luck dating, stopped and started again just like you have, or they are lifers in the online dating scene. Proceed with caution. They might be looking for a serial date.

Keeping their profile up months after you have been dating them. This should be a huge red flag and signs of a serial dater.

Every situation is packed full of variables so use your best judgement when selecting someone to start dating. If someone is really into you, they will do everything to make you a priority in their life. If you meet someone who you find out is a serial dater and you are looking for more some good advice to take is not to waste your time with them. People rarely change and unless you want to be another number your best move is to move on. No matter what dating site you chose, POF, match or even meeting someone in real life, serial daters are everywhere going on multiple serial dates.

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