How To Online Dating

How to online dating guide for those new to dating online. So you are single again and never used an online dating site? Consider this the official how to online dating reference to get you up to speed for soul mate success! Dating online at first can seem complicated and overwhelming, but rest assured it is simple and most dating sites are designed for easy navigation.

Selecting a Dating site

First off we need to pick a dating site, or multiple dating sites if you want to increase your ods. We must first determine what you are looking for in a relationship. People are on dating sites for many different reasons, some to find marriage, while other are looking for a fling and then again some people are only looking for friends. Lets take a look at some dating site recommendations for a few different type of daters.

Serious dating

If you are truly looking for love you need to go to a place where the majority of users seem to be looking for the same. While love really knows no boundaries or limitations, we want to help love out by not looking for it in all the wrong places. : A site designed for the more serious type with a wide range of users from 18 to 80.

EHarmony : Many people have claimed to meet their soul mate from here. They have a wide variety of compatibility tests for you to fill out and match you with other like minded users.

Cupid : Another great dating site with a ton of members and a little bit different approach to the standard “look at a photo, send an email” approach other sites take.

Not so serious dating

Some people are only looking for a fling or friends. These type of people tend to hang out in the free dating sites and do not take their online dating very seriously. Some of the best free online dating sites with the most members are as follows:

Plentyoffish or POF : Probably one of the largest user bases in the free dating realm. You will need a pof login.

ConnectingSingles : Another large dating site with message forums and quite a few members.

Mingle2 : A free dating site, one that we do not recommend due to their lack of maintenance.

Once we have chose the dating site or sites we want to join, we need to start thinking about what to write in our profile. A lot of online dating profiles tend to write about the things they do not want, to most of us that just sounds like the author is carrying a lot of baggage and complaining. If you write something to the effect of “I do not want to find a guy who is only looking for a fling” and a guy who is looking for a fling reads that, do you really expect him to not contact you? There is a theory that people who have a no soliciting sign on their door are the easiest sales because they know they are an easy sale and want to avoid contact with people trying to sell them. Do not advertise the things you are not wanting or are weak to, such as a broken heart. Instead talk about the things you want to find in your lover.

When talking about yourself, be creative! Take a browse at some of the profiles of the same sex and see what other guys are writing. Do not lie or fabricate anything because eventually the truth comes out. For example, if your hobby’s include eating chips and watching TV, do not write that you love rock climbing. While this is common sense to some, others do not seem to get this and end up with a string of bad dates. You should talk about your goals, hopes and dreams. Things you want to do with your life and things you have already done. Always be up front an honest. A lot of men will add an inch or 2 to their height while women tend to subtract a few inches. You do not want to do this either, you want someone that wants you for being you!

Dating Photos

This is going to be important! Put pictures of yourself up that are clear, recent and show the real you. Dolled up glamor shot photos are OK, but do you look like that 7 days per week? And guys, women are not interested in seeing a picture of you 100 feet away wearing a motorcycle helmet, same as you would not want to see them wearing a potato sack and a paper bag. Have a close up picture of your face and have another photo of you from a few feet back that gives the viewer an idea of your body style. The more pictures the better and the best results come from displaying the real you.

Here is another tip tip that is common sense to most. If you take photos of yourself half naked and then write in your profile you are looking for a real long term commitment, what type of user do you think this is going to attract? Probably not the type who is also looking for a long term relationship. You might get a lot of responses, or, you WILL get a lot of responses. But if you are seeking something serious 9 times out of 10 you are only wasting your time.

No one is interested in seeing old pictures from you when you were in high school. As we all know, as we get older our bodies change, it is best to keep your pictures recent.

Online dating and how to conduct yourself.

When you are talking to someone online, there are a few things to remember. Women get roughly 200:1 emails in comparison to men. Say something that will stand ut when you decide to email someone. Saying things like “hi”, usually gets the delete button. It is not interesting and is boring, while you might be an interesting and un boring person, your first impression is that you are the opposite. Read the users profile you are interested in and look for some sort of common ground where you can spark up a conversation. The good thing about online dating is you are not on the spot when trying to thing of things to say, you can take your time and put your words together properly.

Learning how to date online is easy, just relax and go with the flow. Do not take things too serious at first. slow down and enjoy the time you have to communicate with others!

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