Dating Tips

Dating can be hard, especially if you have been out of the loop for a while. Just like anything else in life, the more you do it the better you get at it. We all remember back to our teenage years where we would meet someone and have that dreaded first date. First dating tips were not abundant like they are now days with the expansion of technology, our first dating tips came from stories friends told or maybe a parent or something we saw on TV. Everyone experiences different levels of anxiety, excitement and a wide variety of emotions when going on their first date. All of these feelings are completely normal and 99.9% of the population have experienced some sort of dating anxiety.

First dating tips

  1. ALWAYS be yourself. Someone is going to either like you or they will not. You want to find someone who likes you simply for being you. Not someone who will end up leaving you in a few months because they find out you were not really who you said you were.
  2. Hygiene! You would be surprised how many men and women do not follow this rule. Brush your teeth, bathe, use deodorant.
  3. Let things be fluid! Have you ever played a game of pool where you cared less if you won or lost, you did not plan your shots and it seemed as if your game was better than usual. Your shots were fluid and unplanned. Let dating be the same way, just go with the flow. Sitting around magnifying the situation, hoping you say all the right things only perpetuates anxious thoughts. Anxious thought block things from becoming fluid.
  4. If you are nervous, relax. Odds are your date is just as nervous.

While these tips are obvious to some, they are overlooked by many. A date with someone you like and hope to really get to know should be fun and exciting, so relax and have a good time. If things do not work out, there are always plenty of fish in the sea, or humans on land.

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