POF Redesign

POF over the last few months has made multiple revisions to their online dating site, you will notice some changes when you use your POF login. The have removed the intimate encounters feature as it seems they are trying to stray away from the hookup theme the site has received through reputation. Among that feature being removed they have also made it impossible for you to converse with anyone +/-14 years of your age. I guess this is to take care of the Mrs. Robinsion/Cougar syndrome or Mid life crisis male/sugar daddy-ness that seemed to run pretty rampant. There is also a feature in your POF Inbox to report or flag emails, men can no longer have private images as they are prone to sending weenee photos and sexual talk is prohibited during the first few conversations(unsure of how this works).

POF has a new look!

Well, not really a new look as a new color scheme. This scheme seems all to familiar to a color pallet used by a different dating site that is more well known for people looking for serious relationships. Will this change in functionality and looks bring about the goal POF is trying to accomplish, only time will tell.

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POF Down

Sometimes when you go to login to POF you will get a message saying that either the site is down for maintenance or one that says this service is unavailable. When POF is down for maintenance usually within an hour or so the site comes back up and you can use your POF Login again. Other times you can be signed in and get the error message saying this service is unavailable. From time to time errors happen due to things like too much traffic.

Is POF Down?

If indeed you find POF down, most of the time they will have a message that says closed for maintenance. If you see this message, then POF is down and all you can do is wait. If you do not see the message and you are still wondering “is pof down” then you might want to check your internet connection. If you have established you have an internet connection by visiting another site then it is very possible POF is down. Once in a while there will be database issues, too much traffic and a few other issues that directly relate to pof down. So if you in fact have an internet connection, POF is down and most likely will be back up and running within a few hours if that. They down time is usually not very long.

What to do when POF is down?

You can wait it out for a while, or meet other singles for free at to meet someone. There is no need to panic, every dating site has a glitch from time to time and plentyoffish going down is no different. Even larger sites like facebook have had similar issues.

Do not worry, when pof comes back up your inbox and all of your favorites will still be there. Just give it a little time and you will be back to online dating in no time.

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