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Plenty Of Fish Email Upgrades

If you have a POF login and signed in to POF lately, you will notice plenty of fish has changed a few things in their email system. The first thing you will notice is they got rid of the retro html look of their message list when you view your inbox. Not too sure why such a profitable dating website would have some of the worst designers, but it works and many people use it. So with the nicer and cleaner look to your pof inbox, visually this is a much better experience.

The next thing you will notice off to the right hand side is is a great big green triangle on each individual message that says “new”. Yep, you guessed it! This tells you if a message is new or not. Pretty obvious but we thought we would point this one out just in case. As you know, the internet is used by everyone.

Last but not least, well, not for the pocketbook of POF anyways is a link that says “Show Online Time”. If you click this link it brings you to the upgrade page where Plenty Of Fish tries to sell you on reasons to pay them a monthly fee. Since, at this point there is no accurate description of what this specific feature does we can only speculate it shows when the user was last online maybe. Or maybe how long they have been online. A feature of this type could be useful if you are in full blown stalker mode, or just excited to see when the person you are sending emails to was online last as you anxiously await a response like a love sick teenager. As we said before, we still have yet to find out exactly what this special benefit is. If the $38.70 for 2 months is worth it to you to find out, please contact us and let us know.

So other than a few lines of css, there really is nothing new in your Plenty Of Fish email other than an option to buy more stuff. But at least it looks a little better? While they are slow and overdue, here is to your Plenty Of Fish email upgrades!

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