Delete POF

To delete POF can be a bit hard to do. So maybe you have made up your mind that free online dating is not for you and you want to delete Plenty Of Fish, or maybe you got lucky and met the match of your life. Either way it is time to delete POF account and you want to know how this is done. The account removal feature is kind of hidden but we will show you right where it is at and how simple it is to delete your plenty of fish account. Follow these 5 simple steps and your account will be gone in no time. You can always create another account if things do not work out with your new found love interest or if you decide to give online dating a second try. The direct link to delete POF is sort of hidden but it is really easy to find when you know whee to look.

Step 1
Go to your POF login and enter your user name and password as you normally would to sign in. This is the only way you will be able to delete your plenty of fish.

Step 2
Click the “HELP” link at the top of the page.

step 2

Step 3
Toward the top, in the middle is a light blue box with some links, it is right under the main navigation. There you will find a link labeled “Delete Account”

delete pof step 3 link

Step 4
This next page is where they try to talk you in to staying. Find the link that says “To delete your account click here” toward the bottom. This is where you will be deleting your pof account.

final step to delete account

Last step.
Here you will need to re enter your user name and plenty of fish password as well as the reason you are leaving. Once you do that and hit submit, all done! They will ask you a few questions for marketing purposes like if you met anyone on there, what their screen name is and how many dates you went on. You can fill this information out, or say you did not go out on any dates if you wish.

That is all there is to it when you want to delete POF. You can sign up again later if you decide to give it another shot at trying to find love online. Even if you delete POF if your account was in good standing you can sign up again.

Why Was My POF Account Deleted?

Sometimes, for absolutely no reason what so ever POF decides to delete pof accounts and you lose your POF login. No one is really sure why but it is suspected account deletion has something to do with a spam filter or a profile being reported. Yes, people at times act like POF is a babysitting utility for adults and will report you for nearly anything if you do not reply to their messages or view their profile and do not respond. If you make someone mad, they tend to use POF like most people use the police, as an in-between to try to resolve disputes. So instead of looking into things, it seems like your account is just removed and you. If you try to sign back up using the same email address you will not be able to have another account since that email address is now associated with an account that was deleted. You can clear your cookies in your web browser and use a different email address and most of the time you can have a new account. One of the advantages a paid dating site has over a free dating site is the moderation is much better. Unless you are doing something completely out of line, your account on a site like match will not be deleted for no reason. So if your POF account was deleted for no reason at all, you might want to try a different dating site, or try to create a new one. Odds are you will not hear back from their customer service in most cases.

If you were trying to remove your POF account, hopefully this article helps you delete POF and remove your POF login.

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